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About me

Karyn Fankhouser, B.S.Business minor Biology, CAMTC

Graduate of Mckinnon Body Therapy Center

Cranial Sacral Therapy and Tui Na Meridian Massage
Home Office, Glen Cove, Vallejo

Karyn began her journey of the healing arts in 2008 at Acupressure Institute of Berkeley Calif. where she met key teachers that became mentors while working in clinical pathology.  Karyn's philosophy is to see from the heart and allow gentle presence and space. She was drawn to teachings and modalities that recognized spirit as integral to the healing process.  She is here to be of service and help facilitate healing in your physical and energetic body with the energy that surrounds us all.  She finds purpose and meaning in being able to offer knowledge, skills, and presence to her local communities.  You will find Karyn practicing in her Vallejo Calif. office, taking classes at MckinnonBTC, or folk dancing.

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